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    Hello, my name is Todd Meyer. I've owned a small company for 23 years. I move to Arizona 11 years ago, and love Arizona. The thing I don't like is the contractors.
    When I do a job I tell my customers when the job will be complete, and I give them exactly what they're asking for. I give 100% customer service.
    I have not found this in another company. Until now. I went to the home show and I found other people that do what Brian does. I had them come to my house, and after meeting with them I did not feel good about them or their company. I invited Brian to my house. He showed up on time " unlike the other companies " He is full of creativity and he is driven. He truly cares about his customers, and the quality of work he manufacturers. He is truly an artist. Brian has made every deadline that he has set. His quality of work is outstanding. I also believe his prices are very fair for what you get.
    I work about 80 hours a week, and everyday all I can think about is coming home to the Oasis Brian made for me.
    If anyone has any questions regarding Brian, feel free to call me. He is outstanding and I hope you use him.